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Assistance for Better Living Links

Links to sites such as The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, National Domestic Violence Hotline, etc., will assist you in finding help for specific problems. Your suggestions for additional links to be added are welcome.

BeSomeone.org logo www.BeSomeone.org - Be Someone's mission is to help to build and maintain character, hope and inspiration among youth and individuals. Especially those individuals from disadvantage circumstances: to enable them to realize their full potential as self-sufficient, responsible and loving citizens. Orrin Hudson, founder, teaches young people how to think strategically, plan effectively and build self confidence using chess as his vehicle and as a metaphor for the game of life. Visit Orrin's Website or call toll-free: 866-526-0292 to get involved!

www.AZTeenChallenge.org - Arizona Teen Challenge began in 1965, and endeavors to help people become mentally stable, emotionally balance, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive. Each phase of Teen Challenge has a vital part in achieving this objective. Teen Challenge logo

http://www.teenoptions.com/index.php - This site helps parents of troubled youth find placement out of the home for their children.

www.LaughterAndTears.com - My friend, Matthew Moran is a hyperactive (hyper-passionate) consultant, author, and speaker. He is the founder of LaughterAndTears.com - a resource site meant to create a healthy perspective on hyperactivity and associated learning disorders.

Teens at Risk - Resources on boarding schools, wilderness therapy, boot camps, residential treatment facilities, alcohol or drug rehab facility, young adult boarding school, defiant teens, ADD, ADHD, swearing, arguing, depressed, mood disorders, truancy, failing school.

http://www.teen-success.org/index.php - A great place to get help for teen drug abuse. It features a teen behavior calculator, options for troubled teens, a 24-hour toll-free hot-line and more.

The following two Websites offer treatment options and resources for parents struggling with their teens addictions, behavioral problems, mental and emotional health issues. Troubled teen boarding schools, family coaching, ADHD, ADD, oppositional defiance disorder, bipolar disorder, and more.

Teen Challenge Arizona - Teen Challenge is the oldest, largest and most successful program of its kind in the world. Established in 1958 by David Wilkerson, (author of "The Cross and the Switchblade"), Teen Challenge has grown to more than 150 centers in the United States and 250 centers world-wide. The Arizona Chapters were founded in 1965.

National Domestic Violence Hotline NOTICE: If you are in an abusive relationship

Clicking on the National Domestic Violence Hotline icon on the left will take you to a special article of "time sensitive" information of the utmost importance called "Domestic Violence Sucks!"

Worldwide death toll due to tobacco since January 1, 2000 is now 5,543,518. Source: World Health Organization. In 1998, some 7.5% of the world's 53.9 million deaths were attributable to tobacco use. By 2030, if present smoking patterns continue, that number will rise to 10 million deaths annually. You'll find lots of articles on nicotine addiction.

Read: Still Smoking "Low-tar" & "Lights"? You're Fooling Yourself! and Smoked Brains! How Nicotine Rewires Your Noggin'.

Nicotine Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women helpiing each other to live their lives free of nicotine.


Marijuana Anonymous
Marijuana Anonymous World Services
Alzheimer's Links Page
Alzheimer's Links Page

Moyers on AddictionClose to Home
This website is based upon the acclaimed PBS documentary, "Moyers on Addiction: Close to Home." You'll find the science behind addiction, prevention, treatment and many other related topics.

Center for On-Line Addiction

Arizona Council on Compulsive Gambling, Inc.
Arizona Council on Compulsive Gambling
Dr. Koop Tackles Tobacco!

Recognizing a Gambling Addiction - An article that features tell-tale signs that you may have a gambling problem.

Arizona Council on Compulsive Gambling, Inc. www.DrugNet.net

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, also known as PTSD, is an acquired mental condition that is manifested following a psychologically distressing event outside the range of usual human experience. Lots of links that will help you deal more effectively with this problem.

Everyone gets the angries. But sometimes they make us say and do things that we don't really mean. We can learn how to release those mads in safe ways, so that no one gets hurt and we feel better.
Get Your Angries Out!
Get Your ANGRIES Out. . . And Those Mads, Bads and Grumpies!

MORE Public Service Links Will
Be Added As They Are Discovered!

Your suggestions for additional public service links for this page are welcome.

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