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Father's Day - Part 2

Here are a few links to help you celebrate Father's Day!

King of the Kitchen - Fabulous recipes for cooking Dad a feast.

Hall of Fame Fathers - Fathers teach children to ride bicycles and endure life's harder lessons. Father figures can have a powerful influence on people of any age. A father can also be someone who originates a movement, such as "the father of our country. Here is a list of Father heros! Dad's Treasure

The Art of Fatherhood - Did you go to "Daddy School?" Probably not. It's never too late to learn from others about being a good father.

Fathers & Daughters - Even mooooore on being a terrific Father. This site's mission is to provide tools to strengthen father-daughter relationships and to transform the pervasive cultural messages that value daughters more for how they look than for who they are.

Stay-at-home Dad - If you are a stay-at-home Dad, this site is for you. Happy Fathers Day

Not Another Necktie!! - What NOT to give, or, the horrors of necktie gifts of the past. More than you will ever want to know about ties!

Fatherhood - Make old dear Dad feel very loved with some of our gift ideas that we found around the web. Fathers, Father In Laws, Grandfathers and adopted Fathers will all be thrilled with your kind thoughts.

Daddy-O - Is your Daddy-O a hep cat? Find him some cool '50s-style clothes, from bowling shirts to wingtips.

Founding Fathers - Read the biographies of the 103 men who helped to shape the American way.

Happy Fathers Day

Send your Dad a very special Father's Day greeting card. . . It's FREE!

Father's Day - Part 2 of 3
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