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Networking Articles MENU

Networking is. . . using your creative talents to help others achieve their goals as you cultivate a network of people strategically positioned to support you in your goals. . . expecting nothing in return!  -  Larry James

NOTE: Larry James is available to present his networking seminars and keynotes. If you know of a group that would benefit from Larry's presentations, send an e-mail. The e-mail address is at the bottom of this pate.

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Here you will find a wide variety of articles written by expert networkers. You are invited to submit articles that might fit nicely in this menu. Enjoy!

Does Your Networking Activities Have Irrelevant Conclusions? - Larry James - After all these years, I am convinced that many people attend networking events only to be seen! (Gasp!) You've got to be kidding! Before you get all defensive, this action has an irrelevant conclusion. That's when an instruction to do networking correctly is given, from which a perfectly valid, sound conclusion could be drawn, but despite having all the information, people come to a conclusion so wrong that it's even further from correct and completely missing the point.

The Joy of Collaboration - Ian Percy, CSP, Guest Author - It doesn't matter how rich or poor you are; whether you are an athlete or a couch potato. Being good looking, amazingly clever and highly educated doesn't change a thing. You could be of royal descent, and it still wouldn't matter. No way around it - life is something you do in teams. Life requires collaboration!

Fresh Blood in the Gene Pool - Jeff Glaze, Guest Author - How many times did you see me at a networking event in the past month? If it is a staple of your business it should have been more than once. How many people did you meet for the first time while networking? I am hoping that you can't even think of the number. If you can count the number of new contacts that you made, I would ask "is your business growing?"

Community Vs. The Loner - Jeff Glaze, Guest Author - I am sure that you have heard the phrase "safety in numbers" before. In the animal world, creatures travel in groups because they instinctively know that, when there are many of them, predators have less of a chance of being successful during an attack.

Networking: A Woman's Contact Sport - Larry James - Most successful business women that I know are active networkers. Women excel in networking. Ask me, I know. I know a professional networker when I see one. I have built my professional speaking and publishing career by networking.

Networkings' Top 10 Hot Ideas - Larry James - To achieve maximum benefits while attending any function where the opportunity for networking exists, it is important to have a clear understanding of networking. You will notice that my definition of networking has two parts. #1 ~ Helping others, and #2 ~ Helping yourself. In that order.

Building Personal People Skills - Donna Fisher, CSP, Guest Author - Once a good introduction has been made, the follow-through with people is the most critical factor in word-of-mouth marketing. Check out these ideas for honing a new relationship.

The Ten Commitments of Networking - Larry James - Having a clear understanding of the definition of networking is a prerequisite for networking success. What you put out to the universe, always comes back to you! Disappointment may follow if you expect a return from the person to whom you have contributed. Networking is about building supportive personal and business relationships; it's consistently meeting new people and making new friends, sharing ideas and having lots of fun in the process!

Are You Shooting Yourself In The Foot? - Jeff Glaze, Guest Author - Have you ever been at a networking function talking to someone when during the conversation you felt very self-conscious trying to say the right thing? Were you afraid that maybe if you said the wrong thing the person might not find you likeable, and therefore not want to do business with you? If you have, I am about to tell you why you should not worry about it.

The Buzz on Being a Shameless NetShaker! - Larry James - Internet secrets revealed! Larry reveals what he considers to be the most important key to shameless self-promotion on the Internet. This article has loads of shameless examples! This article appears in the book, "Confessions of Shameless Internet Promoters" by Debbie Allen. Now available in Larry's Book Store in the Author/Speaker Section.

Self-Promote or Disappear! - Larry James - This article reveals many of Larry's "self-promotion" secrets and is featured in the book, "Confessions of Shameless Self-Promoters" by Debbie Allen. Now available in Larry's Book Store in the Author/Speaker Section.

When Fear Comes Calling - Jeff Glaze, Guest Author - Do you ever wonder why you feel anxious when a very large deal is pending, something that you have been wanting really bad? Could it be that as a child you were programmed to believe that if something very good was to happen, that something very bad would follow?

3 Easy Networking Questions to Stand Out from the Crowd - Brian Hillard, Guest Author - Three terrific questions that will get the conversation going and get you information you need.

Power Networking - The Seven Points of Contact - Jeff Glaze, Guest Author - Have you ever heard that it takes at least seven points of contact before someone will consider doing business with you? In order for someone to trust you enough to buy from you, you have to be able to let them get to know you.

Networking Bigger To Achieve Your Dreams - Jeff Glaze, Guest Author - You have heard it said, "It's not what you, know it's who you know", and you have shrugged it off. You have told yourself that it is not true and you continue to stay in your comfort zone.

Make Yourself Visible - Jeff Glaze, Guest Author - In the networking environment, this practice of hiding in plain sight is detrimental to your goal of finding new prospects or clients.

NOTE: All articles listed above - written by Larry James - are available for reprint in magazines, periodicals, newsletters, newspapers, eZINEs, on the Internet or on your own website. Click here for details. Reprint requests for guest author's articles must be requested from the author. Their contact info can be found in the bio at the end of each article.

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