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We Get Letters. . .
Thank you so much for listening to my heartache. I really appreciated your kindness, support, advice and compassionate counsel. It helped a lot to remind me to get back on track to do what I always know is right and not stray from that. You are truly an angel.  -  N.B.

Personal Relationship Coaching Fees

  • Larry's Personal Guarantee.
  • One full hour - $120
  • 1/2 hour or any portion thereof - $100
  • Weekly relationship coaching calls are available in 3 and 6 month packages after completion of your initial coaching call. Fees are available upon request.
NOTE: Coaching calls (or "in person" coaching - Phoenix, AZ area) which exceed a half hour or one full hour are billed at the hourly fee.

"The value of expertise must be measured by its impact, not by the time (or the money) required to dispense it."

Dan S. Kennedy, Author
No Rules: 21 Giant Lies About Success

One of Larry's first questions to you will be to ask if you have read the following articles: And if All Else Fails? and 12 Ways to Get 10 Times the Value of Calls From A Coach

If you have not yet read these articles, please do so BEFORE you call.

Larry lives in Scottsdale, AZ and can also arrange to be your relationship coach face-to-face.

To assist you in receiving the greatest value for your time spent with Larry James on the telephone, we suggest that you write down your situation in detail, in clear, consise words. It helps to jot down a few questions that you might like to ask. Any subject is okay, including questions regarding sex, infidelity, forgiveness, etc.

Larry will also ask you to put aside any perconceived notions about whether his suggestions for your relationship will work. He knows THEY WORK. . . and YOU must be willing to do the work!


My Personal Guarantee

After your call, if for any reason you can honestly say that you did not receive value from my personal relationship coaching, there will be no charge for my services. . .
you owe me nothing!  Call today!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Larry James

Call now to arrange an appointment for personal relationship coaching. All calls are strictly confidential.

Personal Relationship Coaching calls are only accepted at the following phone numbers. Collect calls will not be accepted. If you live in the Phoenix area (602, 623 or 480 area codes), please dial the Phoenix number.

If you cannot afford a long distance call and that is the reason you will not call, you may call the following toll-free number.

  • 480-998-9411 ~ Greater Phoenix area

    Appointments after regular office hours
    are available upon request.

    "Be willing to receive higher instruction from those who know. There are thousands of people who cannot help you; only a few who can. Listen to them! It takes a lighted candle to light another."

    Vernon Howard

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    Larry James • • P.O. Box 12695 • Scottsdale, AZ 85267-2695

    • 480 205-3694 •

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