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November 2006 - Issue #50
Publisher, Larry James - Author, Speaker, Relationship Coach

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In this issue

•  A Personal Message from Larry James
•  LoveNotes for Lovers
•  Featured Relationship Article - Rx for the "Holiday Blues
•  Relationship "CDs-of-the-Month" - Dave Koz & Kenny G (2 great Christmas CDs)
•  Relationship Humor
•  Bride & Groom of the Month! - View their photo gallery!
•  Guy Finley's "Key Lesson"
•  Daily Love Potion - Served from the CelebrateLove.commissary
•  Contact Information - Tell us what you like best about LoveNotes for Lovers

SMALL Larry James Pic A Personal Message from Larry James:

Sometimes it's important to allow life to be an adventure. To let it take you where it will. And just for a moment, see what it feels like to do nothing. Most of us are so busy trying to make our life and relationships be what we think they should be that there never seems to be time to go with the flow.

"Oh, but that's too risky!" Hmmmm. Oh, really? Life is full of what some people call risks and others call opportunity.

We use reasons to explain away why we don't want to do something different; reasons why we don't want to change. If we know that doing something different might help the situation, not doing something different is called "stupid." The best reason why has never solved the problem.

Often reasons why are understandable, however what is not understandable is why we feel the need to have our lives dominated by reasons why we didn't do something different instead of results. When we make the decision to go for results in our love relationships is the real moment we make a decision to grow and prosper.

Hop on the bus, Gus. You don't need to discuss much. Just get yourself free! Make a new plan, Stan. Just get yourself free! Sound familiar? Simon And Garfunkel described this as several ways to "leave your lover."

I hope my meaning won't be lost or misconstrued. . . I would like for you to think of it as other ways for you to be adventurous while you allow yourself to be distracted long enough to realign yourself with doing what is best for you.

Take a day and get on a bus to nowhere and see where you end up. Go somewhere where you haven't been. Who will you meet? What will you see? How will you feel? Shed your concern about time and how long it will take. You can always find your way back.

Sit under a tree. Watch the squirrels. Pack a healthy lunch to take with you. Read a good book. Do your best to not think about what you "should" be going. Relax. What great thing will you notice? What will you learn? How will you feel? Look for a seed of unexpected inspiration and build on it.

Do you beat yourself up when you know you must make some new choices? Do you wallow in self-doubt? Is your foot nailed to the floor by fear of what will or what will not happen? Just get yourself free! Take a deep breath. Settle yourself. Reflect.

Your interpretation of how things are colors what happens next. It alters your forward motion.

It takes a lot of energy to remain confused. Let go of your excuses. It takes no strength to let go. . . only courage.

Adversity does not create a great life or relationship - it reveals it! Upsets create the wisdom necessary to grow in spite of the situation. Upsets stimulate courage to face what's next. To have a problem be an experience of value, you must be attentive to the lesson the upset presents and be courageous enough to do what is necessary to avoid a future setback for the same reason.

This much is true. . . making the decision is the hardest part. Once you make a new choice, go with it. Don' look back or be concerned about what's next. Full steam ahead. Don't slow down in the curves! Watch my smoke!

If you've had your share of sand kicked in your face, perhaps it's time to perform a quick shift and stand up for you, to take care of your own well-being. Do what is best for you for a change.

Be adventurous. Being adventurous is taking that leap of faith while you are still afraid. Live your life in the leap!

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  Feelings are always very real for the one who feels them. When your lover expresses feelings. . . validate them. Let them know that it is okay to feel that way, even when you disagree. When you invalidate your love partner's feelings, generally disagreement follows. Never argue with anyone's feelings. It's an argument you can never win.

LoveNote for Lovers. . .   Love is the answer. Genuine unconditional love is the kind of love you know is there even when it doesn't feel like it; the kind that has no preconceived notions or undelivered communications. It always delivers on its promise. It's the kind of love that you can stand on and know it will never let you down.

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  When partners really love each other; when two hearts leap together in unison, we can expect to experience an indescribable sense of exuberance that only two lovers can create. Each moment together becomes a moment of sheer joy; moments we will treasure forever.

Forever lovers. Two dancing hearts conveying mutual respect; a symbol of the closeness we share. . . a cherished togetherness; each lover always doing their best to be in step in a dance of unconditional love. Neither will ever have to say, "Are we there yet?"

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  There can be no intimacy without conversation. The only way you and your love partner can truly communicate is to tell the truth about how you feel. Truthful communication moves love partners closer together; it creates a condition of unity, love and satisfaction.

Sample more LoveNotes:

Larry's Relationship BLOG is back in business! - Since July, 2006 we have not been able to post new stuff because of a total incompatibily with our new server! No longer! Periodically, Larry James will post random thoughts, ideas, observations, insights, articles, rants, commentary, suggestions, tips and solutions for better relationships. You are encouraged to post your comments on our WebLog (Blog). Pass the word to your friends! Go to:

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Larry gets LoveNotes. . . "I had a good cry, then I called you. What a relief. Someone was really listening to my side of the issue. I was surprised that your unconventional approach really worked. You are a God send. Thanks, Larry. K.N."

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Featured Relationship Article

Read "Rx for the "Holiday Blues" - Here is a healthy prescription of 16 ways to help you overcome the "Holiday Blues."

Read the complete article. . .

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Featured Relationship "CDs-of-the-Month"

CDs make grrreat Christmas gifts for someone you love!
A Smooth Jazz Christmas - CD - Dave Koz & Friends - Cohesiveness is what separates this all-star Christmas 2001 release from the others. Since 1997, Dave Koz, vocalist Brenda Russell, pianist David Benoit, guitarist Peter White, and trumpeter Rick Braun have hit the road spreading holiday cheer among the smooth-jazz masses and their collaborative ease is obvious throughout these 14 tracks. A Smooth Jazz Christmas
Miracles: The Holiday Album

Faith: A Holiday Album - CD - Kenny G - A thoughtful and moving collection of songs, spirituals, and hymns, with his trademark sound wedded to several ensemble and orchestral arrangements. The G-man stretches out in "Sleigh Ride" and "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town," but these are balanced by more serious pieces such as the lovely, original "Eternal Light ( A Chanukah Song)" and "Ave Maria." After, "The Christmas Song," the record closes with a haunting audio history of America's last century, which runs under a revisited version of "Auld Lang Syne."

Larry's Newest Book can be found at Business Networking HQ:

For hundreds of relationship books, videos, audios and music, visit Larry's Book Store. is the crème de la crème of intimacy Websites!

Guy Finley's "Key Lessons" - The wisdom and wit of Guy Finley. Don't miss this opportunity to brighten your life! At every regular meeting at Guy's Foundation in southern Oregon, there's a special board in front of the class where the Key Lesson for that meeting is written out for everyone to consider before, during, and after the talk. Book mark this page and return every day for a breath of fresh air & something new to think about!

Sample: Until we learn the one Great Lesson that what we want from life must play a secondary role to what Life asks of us -- which is to grow in the timeless qualities of selflessness such as self-sacrifice, kindness, and love -- then we will remain unable to share in the abiding sense of peace and freedom that comes to us only as we realize the true purpose of our being.

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Relationship Humor

She was in the kitchen doing the boiled eggs for breakfast. He walks in and asks, "What's for breakfast?"

She turns to him and says, "Eggs, but first you've got to make love to me this very moment".

He, thinking it's his lucky day, stands her over the kitchen table and they make love. Afterwards he says, "What was that all about?"

She says, "The egg timer's broken."

Wedding ceremonies with romantic elegance and impeccable attention to detail.

Celebrate Intimate Weddings with professional speaker, author, relationship coach and ordained non-denominational minister Larry James. Larry James will travel to perform your wedding ceremony wherever your budget allows! provides everything you need for a successful wedding; planning checklists, articles, books, custom wedding ceremonies, pre-marital & post-marital coaching and more.

LoveNote. . . "We wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful ceremony. We have had numerous, wonderful compliments on the ceremony and you in particular. We could not be more pleased with the way everything turned out." - Marialena & Gary Murphy

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