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Issue #69
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June 2008 - Issue #69
Publisher, Larry James - Author, Speaker, Relationship Coach

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In this issue

•  A Personal Message from Larry James
•  LoveNotes for Lovers
•  Featured Relationship Article - Resolving Conflict
•  Relationship "Book-of-the-Month" - The Essential Laws of Fearless Living - Special Offer!
•  Relationship Humor
•  Bride & Groom of the Month! - View their photo gallery!
•  Guy Finley's "Key Lesson"
•  Daily Love Potion - Served from the CelebrateLove.commissary
•  Contact Information - Tell us what you like best about LoveNotes for Lovers

SMALL Larry James Pic A Personal Message from Larry James:

Unresolved conflict paralyzes togetherness; it keeps you from connecting sexually and in all other ways.

When issues arise, many couples focus on "WHO did what?" Blame never fully resolves anything; it keeps you stuck.

Staying away from this type of impasse is much easier than getting out of it once you become entangled in it.

Mature love partners who are committed to open and honest communications focus on "WHAT went wrong?" They talk without throwing darts at each other.

They listen with understanding and acceptance. They discuss healthy solutions and immediately put them into practice.

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  Your happiness can never come from someone else. It only comes from taking care of yourself, with feeling good about yourself and knowing that the time you invest in your own personal growth is one of the greatest contributions you can make to the relationship you have with your lover.

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  It is okay to say, "No." It is not okay to say, "Yes," when your heart tells you to say otherwise. It is not possible to fulfill every request made of you. Compulsively saying yes is potentially self-destructive; it is behavior that signals co-dependency. To let go of feeling guilty when you say, "No," is a new way of being that takes practice.

Say 'no' to meeting the demands and needs of everyone except yourself. Stand up for you. Cease being a conspirator in your own abuse. Your relationship with someone else does not depend upon giving up yourself. You give of yourself to the other. You never give up yourself to the other. Healthy, mature love does not make us less than we are individually.

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  One of the secrets to a healthy love relationship is to never take more than you give.

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  The goal of resolving conflict in a relationship is not victory or defeat. It is reaching a mutual understanding through open discussions that benefits both love partners. It requires letting go of our need to be right. Mutually solving problems brings love partners closer together. It allows for negotiation and compromise. It promotes positive momentum.

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  Healthy, committed love partners will say, "I'm sorry. I was wrong," and mean it, rather than hold on to being right or walking away.

From the book, "LoveNotes for Lovers: Words That Make Music for Two Hearts Dancing!" by Larry James

Sample more LoveNotes:

Is your relationship slip sliding away?

Larry james offers Relationship Coaching for both singles who want a committed relationship, and couples who need help regaining intimacy in their relationship, or who want to deepen their levels of intimacy.

Call Larry James for a very private relationship coaching session and experience lots of "a-ha's!" Call for a daytime or evening coaching appointment - 800-725-9223 (Greater Phoenix area - 480-998-9411). Check out Larry's Personal Guarantee! The fringe benefit? A more loving, peaceful, happy relationship.

Larry gets LoveNotes. . . "For some time now I've been very unhappy in my relationship. When you said to me that 'happiness is a choice' and 'catch him doing something right' I finally realized that my happiness was really up to me. That's been two months ago. My whole attitude has change toward Jim (not his real name) and guess what? He has noticed my change and is beginning to pay more attention to me and recently surprised me with a very romantic weekend get-away. Something we haven't done in years. Larry, you're my hero!"

More info:

Thank you to all who take the time to send us special e-mail requesting topics, etc., for our eZINE. We love hearing from you! Speak YOUR mind!? We would love to hear what topics YOU would most like to see covered in upcoming issues of the LoveNotes for Lovers eZINE. Send your suggestions to:

Larry's Relationship BLOG! - Periodically, Larry James will post random relationship thoughts, ideas, observations, insights, articles, rants, commentary, suggestions, tips and solutions for better relationships. You are welcome to post your comments on our WebLog (BLOG). Pass the word to your friends! Go to:

Featured Relationship Article

Read "Resolving Conflict" - Conflict is inevitable. How we handle it is what makes the difference. When the structure of a love relationship breaks down, while fault may not necessarily be evenly distributed, both partners must ultimately accept equal responsibility. You are in this together.

Read the article. Go to:

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All best wishes for a fearless life,

Larry James

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For hundreds of relationship books, videos, audios and music, visit Larry's Book Store.

Guy Finley's "Key Lessons" - The wisdom and wit of Guy Finley. Don't miss this opportunity to brighten your life! At every regular meeting at Guy's Foundation in southern Oregon, there's a special board in front of the class where the Key Lesson for that meeting is written out for everyone to consider before, during, and after the talk. Book mark this page and return every day for a breath of fresh air & something new to think about!

Sample: Just as a swarm of flies that darkens the sky is swept aside by a single breeze, so too can the pervasive negative states that darken one's heart and mind be brushed away -- if we will only dare to come awake to ourselves and ask that tormenting spirit a single question: Upon what is your authority based? is the crème de la crème of intimacy Websites!
Semi-hot and tastefully presented!

Pass along Larry's Website especially for authors & speakers, featuring lots of resources, tips, books & articles. Larry has independently published 4 books and offers "author/speaker coaching!"

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Relationship Humor

Your marriage is in trouble if your wife says, "You're only interested in one thing," and you can't remember what it is. - Milton Berle

•    •    •

A widow recently married to a widower, was accosted by a friend who laughingly remarked, "I suppose, like all men who have been married before, your husband sometimes talks about his first wife?"

"Oh, not any more," the other woman replied.

"What stopped him?" asked the first.

"I started talking about my next husband," replied the second woman.

Wedding ceremonies with romantic elegance and impeccable attention to detail.

Celebrate Intimate Weddings with professional speaker, author, relationship coach and ordained non-denominational minister Larry James. Larry James will travel to perform your wedding ceremony wherever your budget allows! provides everything you need for a successful wedding; planning checklists, articles, books, custom wedding ceremonies, pre-marital & post-marital coaching and more.

Wedding Chronicle logo
Larry James WINS Again!

Larry James has been selected as the "Best Officiant" in the Greater Phoenix area by The Wedding Chronicle's 2007 & 2008 Readers' Poll! - Read more!

LoveNote. . . "Thank you again for officiating our ceremony. I loved the flexibility you gave to us in what we wanted to say. Brent and I found it was a great combination of spiritual and traditional sentiments, with a splash of humor! The photographer said it was one of the smoothest ceremonies he's seen... and he's seen a lot! Even some of the minor hiccups were endearing.

You did a great job, You were on time, organized, and patient. The sand ceremony turned out better than expected. (the sand in the glass jar is evenly distributed... thanks to you turning it around). Your ceremony was romantic and delivered in such a way that was clearly heard by all. Having you celebrate with us at our wedding was a true delight!" - Amanda & Brent Vermilion

To view the Vermilion Photo Gallery, go to:

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Relationship Articles MENU:

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