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Issue #80
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May 2009 - Issue #80
Publisher, Larry James - Author, Speaker, Relationship Coach

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In this issue

•  A Personal Message from Larry James
•  LoveNotes for Lovers
•  Featured Relationship Article - LoveNote for Singles Only!
•  Relationship "Book-of-the-Month" - Self-Love: The Crown Jewel
•  Relationship Humor
•  Bride & Groom-of-the-Month! - View their photo gallery!
•  Guy Finley's "Key Lesson"
•  Daily Love Potion - Served from the CelebrateLove.commissary
•  Contact Information - Tell us what you like best about LoveNotes for Lovers

Tiny Larry James Pic A Personal Message from Larry James:

When two lovers have been together for a long time, passion can often be dampened by the comfort of shared routines and especially muted by daily activities when they are apart.

To enjoy a more satisfying level of intimacy, spend time working to recapture the excitement of your best times together.

Take time-out for the two of you; a special time, free of all distractions, to indulge in reminiscence. Develop a plan to add festivity, playfulness and romantic happenings to the times you spend with one another.

From this shared activity, you will experience a higher level of compassion for each other and the reassurance of forever love that may have been missing.

Good fortune favors those who actively work together to create a sense of shared responsibility for the success of their relationship.

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  Insecurities bring forth jealousy, which, is a cry for more love. It is within your rights to ask for more affection when self-doubts' surface, however, the indirect way that jealousy asks for it is counterproductive. Excessive possessiveness is inappropriate. Jealousy is the surest way to drive away the very person you may fear losing.

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  Our feelings help us to discover ourselves. Heed their call. They provide clues and insights into who we are and often become the catalyst for re-inventing ourselves. The energy for change is inspired by the emotional honesty we express through our feelings.

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  Ask yourself: "Would I want to be in a relationship with me?" "Am I someone who I would want to be with forever?" Answer honestly. What comes up is always worth working on. Focus on doing what you can to make the good things better and give up behavior that has you curious enough to ask in the first place.

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  As we come to understand our equal share in creating problems. . . blame, self-doubt, and discord gives way to personal responsibility, accountability, mutual respect and intimacy. In a healthy love relationship, things are easiest when both love partners take responsibility for the whole, not just their halves

From the book, "LoveNotes for Lovers: Words That Make Music for Two Hearts Dancing!" by Larry James

Sample more LoveNotes:

Relationship coaching is more than a bandaid. It works (if you are willing to do the work)!

Bandaid Larry james offers Relationship Coaching for both singles who want a committed relationship, and couples who need help regaining intimacy in their relationship, or who want to deepen their levels of intimacy.

Call Larry James for a very private relationship coaching session and experience lots of "a-ha's!" Call for a daytime or evening coaching appointment - 800-725-9223 (Greater Phoenix area - 480-998-9411). Check out Larry's Personal Guarantee! The fringe benefit? A more loving, peaceful, happy relationship.

Larry gets LoveNotes. . . "My husband and I argued about coaching being a temproary fix. We finally agreed to call you for a one-hour coaching session. We both have been doing what you suggested and neither of us can believe the difference it has made in our relationship. You were right. We were the ones that needed to do the work. I am feeling the LOVE! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - P.T., San Diego

More info:

Thank you to all who take the time to send us special e-mail requesting topics, etc., for our eZINE. We love hearing from you! Speak YOUR mind!? We would love to hear what topics YOU would most like to see covered in upcoming issues of the LoveNotes for Lovers eZINE. Send e-mail to Larry James

Be Inspired and Encouraged!

Larry's Relationship BLOG! - Periodically, Larry James will post random relationship thoughts, ideas, observations, insights, articles, rants, commentary, suggestions, tips and solutions for better relationships. You are welcome and encouraged to post your comments on our WebLog (BLOG).

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Featured Relationship Article

Read "LoveNote for Singles Only!" - When you have a concern that life is passing you by and you wonder why you haven't found your true love. . . that's your head speaking. It gets your attention by creating a worry about not finding anyone. Quit looking. That may be part of the problem.

Read the article. Go to:

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LoveNote Link Daily Love Potion LoveNote Link

Featured Relationship "Book-of-the-Month"

Books make grrreat gifts for someone you love!

Self-Love: The Crown Jewel - Mimi Chevalier Shannon - This book presents a new paradigm for self-acceptance. While the culture measures our value by outside opinion, self-love brings it back to home base and at our own discretion; through this repositioning comes the freedom of self-determination and the joy of living in integrity with self.

Larry's Review: - A wonderful book; one that leads us on a path of self-acceptance and love. Mimi's journey is told with stories and dialogue with her collaborator, Rebecca Emily Smith. Highly Recommended.


Larry's Newest Book can be found at Business Networking HQ:

For hundreds of relationship books, videos, audios and music, visit Larry's Book Store. is the crème de la crème of intimacy Websites!

Guy Finley's "Key Lessons" - The wisdom and wit of Guy Finley. Don't miss this opportunity to brighten your life! At every regular meeting at Guy's Foundation in southern Oregon, there's a special board in front of the class where the Key Lesson for that meeting is written out for everyone to consider before, during, and after the talk. Book mark this page and return every day for a breath of fresh air & something new to think about!

Sample: Mediocrity is a form of madness, a dream embraced by the masses because it makes just getting by an acceptable -- sometimes applauded -- social art form. What is excellent requires extra effort. To agree to sleep our way through life is to lose everything, because it rules out the possibility of our soul ever being stirred into its awakening.

Pass along Larry's Website especially for authors & speakers, featuring lots of resources, tips, books & articles. Larry has independently published 4 books and offers "author/speaker coaching!"

Go to:

Relationship Humor

Woman to perfume counter salesgirl: "I want my husband to pay more attention to me. Got anything that smells like a computer?"

Wedding ceremonies with romantic elegance and impeccable attention to detail.

Celebrate Intimate Weddings with professional speaker, author, relationship coach and ordained non-denominational minister Larry James. Larry James will travel to perform your wedding ceremony wherever your budget allows! provides everything you need for a successful wedding; planning checklists, articles, books, custom wedding ceremonies, pre-marital & post-marital coaching and more.

Just Announced! - Larry James has been voted "Best Officiant" in the Greater Phoenix area for 2008 by Arizona's Finest Wedding Sites and Services Magazine!

2009 Bride's Choice Award presented to Larry James by WeddingWire! Click here for details!

2009 Bride's Choice Awards presented by WeddingWire\

Wedding Chronicle logo
Larry James WINS Again!

Larry James has been selected as the "Best Officiant" in the Greater Phoenix area by The Wedding Chronicle's 2007, 2008 & 2009 Readers' Poll! - Read more!

LoveNote. . . "I can't thank you enough for all that you've done. Everyone I spoke with after the wedding just loved your service. I kept hearing "I felt inspired" and "it really touched me". That is exactly what we wanted. It is nice to know that due to your beautiful service, our friends and family will always remember it. You left an impression on me years ago when I first heard you, and even then I knew if I ever got remarried, I wouldn't want anyone to perform it but you. The first time I heard your service, it moved me, it made me think about all the wonderful things that Damian and I share and I how much he means to me.

My girlfriends, Sadie, Gwen & Ali attended, and neither one of their husbands was able to accompany them. They sat next to each other, and when you mentioned holding a hand of a loved one or friend, they told me that they grabbed each other's hands in friendship, it was so nice to hear that your words moved them, as they seem to have moved most of our guests, and that's exactly what I wanted. My grandmother felt at ease all night long, my aunts and uncles just loved your words. I look forward to hearing more comments from my friends and family as well.

You truly made this day special, memorable and more than I could have ever hoped for. I never understood what it meant to have a "perfect" wedding, but during and after the service, I finally understood what it meant to me. How special the day was, and even now, your words still linger in my brain as I'm sure they will for the next few days.

I will never, EVER forget my wedding day because you put that special touch into it. Even now as I write this email, I can't help but smile because you truly made it wonderful. Thank you again for all that you've done, I will never forget you or the great gift of your beautiful wedding ceremony. I do hope I see you again at the Boojum Tree. And if I know of anyone who is thinking of getting married, your name will always be mentioned." - Charlene & Damian Tate

To view the Wedding Photo Gallery, go to:

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Larry James has written numerous relationship articles available for reprint in magazines, periodicals, newsletters, newspapers, eZINEs, on the Internet or on your own website. You may use articles written by Larry James that are included in this eZINE or visit the "Relationship Articles Menu" on his website for a complete list. Send your request by e-mail and he will send you permission and a brief bio for publication with each article.

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