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Issue #11
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May 2003 - Issue #11
Publisher, Larry James

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In this issue

•  A Personal Message from Larry James
•  LoveNotes for Lovers - Relationship Morsels
•  Featured Relationship Article - The ABCs of Celebrating Love!
•  Relationship "Book-of-the-Month" - Capture the Rapture
•  Relationship Humor - Chuckle! Chuckle!
•  Daily Love Potion - Served from the CelebrateLove.commissary!
•  Contact Information - We Encourage & Welcome Your Feedback!

Visit Larry's Bio A Personal Message from Larry James:

May day! May day! We all recognize this as the international distress signal.

Is your relationship in distress? Is your relationship not what you think it should be? Welcome to ordinary!

Throughout your busy day take time to change ordinary into extraordinary! Every day is a gift. Take pleasure in unwrapping it. Take a moment to drink it all in. Savor the moment.

How? Begin by offering each other at least twice as much praise and affection as you do criticism! Create exceptional ways to demonstrate this to your partner. Make it a daily romantic ritual. You will be amazed at the speed with which you will notice a difference in attitude from your partner.

Need help! Signal us a May Day! May Day!

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  Things change. Feelings change. Needs change. Wants change. In a healthy love relationship you must remember to communicate these changes in a loving way as they occur. How sad to change your feelings in a positive way and never communicate them to your love partner. Effective communication is required. It cannot happen by osmosis.

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  When we disagree, our relationship can often become 'temporarily out of order.' Arguments that bring anger to the boiling point are most destructive. Restoration is a process. It requires patience, understanding, acceptance and much love. Discuss with an intention to resolve the conflict. Give up being right. Arguments create negative distance. We must move through conflict as quickly as we can. Life is too short to maintain negative distance between love partners for lengthy periods of time.

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  You do not stumble on a great relationship by accident. You experience it on purpose. It doesn't just happen. A great relationship is developed intentionally.

It is created by mutual commitment and by nurturing it with loving thoughts, open communication, the attention given to it, intentional activity and a mutual decision for constructive action.

It becomes whatever two love partners decide it to be. It is the result of two dancing hearts being in step with one another; dancing to the same rhythm; connected; communicating words of love in a dance of togetherness.

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  Affirmation For Men Only - I want the best for my love partner and will never feel threatened by her successes in any way. My love partner is unique and I love her for who she is, not for what I may expect her to be. I encourage emotional self-sufficiency in my love partner. I believe that the need for individual autonomy is not only compatible with a successful forever relationship, but can only be a strong contributor.

From the book, LoveNotes for Lovers: Words That Make Music for Two Hearts Dancing by Larry James.

Sample more LoveNotes:

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More info:

Larry James offers personal relationship coaching by telephone (or one-on-one if you live in the Phoenix, Arizona area), for high functioning singles and married couples. Call toll-free.

Larry gets LoveNotes. . . "Your coaching last January has helped me a lot and your advice stays with me. I have grown and changed so much in the last year. I am so grateful for your wisdom, kindness and loving spirit that you share with the world. Thank you for telling me, "like it is." I appreciate your approach to relationships with such honesty and compassion. The universe needs you; you are certainly one of God's special angels doing his work here on earth. Thank you, Larry!"

More info:

Featured Relationship Article

The ABCs of Celebrating Love - The ABC's of Celebrating Love! Ą You didn't learn this alphabet in school. 26 words that can help breathe life into your relationship and help you Celebrate Love with your partner; words that begin with each letter of the alphabet.

Read the complete article. . .

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Featured Relationship "Book-of-the-Month"

Capture the Rapture: How to Step Out of Your Head and Leap Into Life - Marcia Reynolds - This book teaches you how to jump into life! Reaching beyond standard self-help strategies, it presents a more joyful way of being. Interwoven with this practical wisdom are inspiring stories and simple exercises to help deepen your love affair with life.

Larry's Review: Marcia's insight is advanced thinking squared! What a joy to experience the emotional ecstasy weaved into the words of this book. This book is a life-changer.

Capture the Rapture
For hundreds of relationship books, videos, audios and music visit Larry's Book Store.

Relationship Humor

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was, and always will be yours. If it never returns, it was never yours to begin with.

If it just sits in your living room,
messes up your stuff,
eats your food,
uses your telephone,
takes your money,
hogs the TV remote,
and never behaves as if you actually set it free in the first place . . .

You either married it or gave birth to it.

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It's spicy. . . yet tastefully presented! -

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