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Issue #22
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July 2004 - Issue #22
Publisher, Larry James - Author, Speaker, Relationship Coach

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In this issue

•  A Personal Message from Larry James
•  LoveNotes for Lovers - Meditations on Love!
•  Featured Relationship Article - Powerful Beyond Measure: What's This About Mid-life Crisis?
•  Relationship "Book-of-the-Month" - Apprentice of the Heart
•  Relationship Humor - SMILE! It's Good for You!
•  Daily Love Potion - Served from the CelebrateLove.commissary
•  Contact Information - Please tell us what you like and make suggestions!

SMALL Larry James Pic A Personal Message from Larry James:

Those who do not create the relationship they want, must endure the relationship they get! OR. . . do something about it!

If you feel that you are not living up to your potential or creating the high performance results you think you and your partner are capable of, perhaps it's time to sit down and have a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner. Having trouble communicating? How about beginning by giving up being right about "your" position and "listen" to what your partner is saying.

The #1 problem in relationships is "Undelivered Communications!" Withholding important conversation from your partner nearly always proves to be the destructive force behind the, "My partner will not listen to me!" or "My partner will not talk to me" complaint. Instead of complaining, deliver the communication - in a loving way - to your partner.

If you need help getting your relationship back on track, ask for it. If not. . . prove it.

Often it is wise to seek help from a qualified relationship coach; someone who will accept you and your circumstance for what it is - without judgments - and who can offer a sense of optimism, resilience, and hope and who has the ability to help you face adversity and to bounce back from relationship setbacks. Coaching harnesses the energy for change.

If you're content for the next five years of your relationship to be similar to the last five years, then you don't need any input or help from anyone. You simply must endure.

Sometimes is is difficult to get to the bottom of things when one partner refuses to discuss the surface stuff. In that case, seek coaching for yourself to help you cope with the situation. Asking for help is "not" a sign of weakness. . . it is a sign of strength.

About Larry James: Call a coach:

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  It is okay to say, "No." It is not okay to say, "Yes," when your heart tells you to say otherwise. It is not possible to fulfill every request made of you. Compulsively saying yes is potentially self-destructive; it is behavior that signals co-dependency. To let go of feeling guilty when you say, "No," is a new way of being that takes practice. Say 'no' to meeting the demands and needs of everyone except yourself. Stand up for you. Cease being a conspirator in your own abuse. Your relationship with someone else does not depend upon giving up yourself. You give of yourself to the other. You never give up yourself to the other. Healthy, mature love does not make us less than we are individually.

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  This is the solitary virtue of anger. We become empowered by anger when we view it as something that brings to our awareness those parts of us that need healing. There are other benefits worthy of discovery; only one virtue.

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  For Singles Only - You must be content to first be happy alone so you can be happy when you are together with someone else. Happy and healthy relationships are usually made between happy and healthy people; people who were happy and healthy before they became love partners.

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  For Singles Only - Make having a great relationship with yourself your number one priority. Spend time working on you. It is a prerequisite to having a healthy love relationship with someone else. Work on developing your own self as an individual. Reinvent a relationship with yourself. Make it a new and exciting relationship; one you can be proud to carry over into your next relationship with someone else. Allow a time for healing the hurts of the past. Nobody wants damaged goods.

LoveNote for Lovers. . .  Resist being afraid to reveal your limitations to your partner. Yes, it's scary, and you are now a team. Your partner will almost always be the most dependable, the first in line to care, and the first to help, if help is requested. Often all that is needed is someone who will listen.

First, it is okay to make yourself vulnerable. Next, working together on strengthening limitations develops character. It promotes unity by creating a common bond of sharing that helps each other be the best they can be for themselves and for the relationship.

Sample more LoveNotes:

Featured Relationship Article

Powerful Beyond Measure: What's This About Mid-life Crisis? - Is mid-life crisis a myth? We all have decisive and critical moments from time to time. A crisis or two now and then perhaps, but a crisis that ongoingly occupies an important part of our mid-life? Certainly we have learned by now that crises take our attention off of living life to its fullest. . . moment by moment.

Read the complete article. . .

Call for a daytime or evening coaching appointment - 800-725-9223
Check out Larry's Personal Guarantee!

Please DO NOT CALL if you intend to make no changes. Expert advice only helps if you listen and change your behavior. Larry's inspirational guidance can and will help! If you have a basic urgency to make your relationship better and are ready to take full responsibility for your relationship and make some changes in the way you are being in your relationship, you are encouraged to call.

Larry gets LoveNotes. . . "Thank you so much for your quick reply. You helped me through a particularly difficult day!"

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Featured Relationship "Book-of-the-Month"

Books make grrreat gifts!
Apprentice of the Heart: Lessons in Life Only Love Can Teach - Guy Finley - The tone of the book is reminiscent of the old mystic writers, but these words are meant for the modern ear. Here is a transcendent blend of old and new that conveys the longing, the passion, the disappointment, and the moments of sweet fulfillment that form the experience of any sincere seeker. Read an excerpt.

Larry's Review: "Guy Finley is one of the most prolific writers of our time. His books helped to give my life direction and guided me to meaningful change. On a scale of one to ten, Guy's books are 12+!"
Apprentice of the Heart

For hundreds of relationship books, videos, audios and music, visit Larry's Book Store.

Everyone has a book inside them! If that is you, you will want to know about Larry's newest Website especially for authors & speakers, featuring lots of resources, tips, books & articles. Larry has independently published 4 books and offers "author/speaker coaching!

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Relationship Humor

Married men should forget their mistakes - there's no point in two people remembering the same thing.

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