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Jeff Glaze, Guest Author

You have heard it said, "It's not what you, know it's who you know", and you have shrugged it off. You have told yourself that it is not true and you continue to stay in your comfort zone. Well today I am telling you, your success is limited only by the size of your network.

What if you were in sales and you never had to cold call? What if you had a profession and when you wanted to change companies, they came looking for you? What if the phone rang and business was on the other end of the line that you never expected to get?

These kinds of things can happen as your network expands. But what if you only network in a limited area? I know some people who only network in the area where they live or work. If you are reading this, please do not be offended, but you are limiting your opportunities. The truth is that there are people all over town who do what you do. There are very few original ideas out there or unique companies. What is out there are unique and original people.

Sales is a numbers game, you have heard it said. Why is that? I believe the reason is personality mesh and conflict. When you meet a prospect that does not mesh with your personality, the chance that you will sell them something is very slim. If your personality is in alignment with the type of person that they like, you have a much better chance to sell to them.

Here is a sales scenario nightmare. You were born and raised in New York City. Where you grew up, people were abrupt, loud and very candid. You adopted the characteristics of those around you because it was what was acceptable to the local culture. You got hired by a major insurance company and one day the sales manager comes and offers you a lucrative sales position in a territory in rural Georgia. You accept and when you arrive you are ready to conquer the world.

What you find as you hit the pavement is that people seem to not want to talk to you. Is it because you have an inferior product? Probably not. What you have is a different approach, a different type of cultural background which can often lead to a personality conflict.

Unless your prospect is a huge fan of NYPD Blue or some other cultural supplement that has exposed them to the New York City approach, you may find yourself challenged to both relate and sell to the prospect. So what can you do to overcome this?

I believe that diversity is power in the marketplace. By mingling with a culture that differs from ours we can better learn to understand it and relate to it's constituency. In the meantime, we need to eat and pay bills. So by enlarging the area in which you network it increases the odds that you will find compatible prospects or should I say people who can relate to your style of selling and basic conversation.

To do this you may have to actually travel to other parts of town which takes you out of your "territory". If your sales territory is limited, then you will have to learn to adapt to the location you are limited to. If your territory is unlimited do not limit yourself.

If you limit your reach in networking, you limit your opportunities as well. If you only belong to one group or attend one meeting regularly in search of prospects, eventually you will find that your business is not growing as you would like it to. If you attend a broad range of meetings over the course of a month, you will find your range of prospects broadening and your business in a mode of growth.

To close I would like to loosely quote something I learned in listening to an Anthony Robbins CD set. Your personal success is limited only by your personal sphere of influence. As you stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, you increase your sphere of personal influence, thus increasing your chances for success.

Copyright ę - Jeff Glaze - Reprinted with permission. Register for his FREE newsletters, the monthly NewsWire and the weekly NewsFlash. Subscribe now and get the NEW E-Book "A Fire Within: Passionately Transfer Your Message to Others for Greater Success"for FREE. where you can order it securely online.

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