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Steve Jobs didn't just think outside the box, he changed the way we thought about boxes. He was the Master of Creativity! He will be missed. I am proud to be a Mac addict! - Larry James

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I love my Macs! I have more than one!

Guess you know that by now.

While the Mac logo above says, "Made with Mac," I must confess that Webmaster Wes -- who put up the first 16 pages of this website -- used a PC. The rest have been created on my Mac.

The Mac community is a very close-knit group of us Mac addicts who love our computers and also love to help each other. The resources that support the Mac community are numerous. I much prefer the Macintosh operating system over "Win-doze." Thought you might be interested in some of the links I use to give my Mac a tune-up every so often.

OS wars

You'll find lots of great info here, much of it courtesy of the friendly, helpful and knowledgeable readers and forum members who make the premiere resource for Cube Owners. logo

All Things Mac OS X - A Guide to "All Things Mac OS X" on the Internet. - This site has lots of tutorials, Q & A and more. A treasure for Mac owners!

Mac OS X Tips & Tricks - This site has a collection of more than 10,000 Mac OS X tips, covering every major release from the initial public beta through 10.5 (mostly tips for Leopard users). It also allows you to add your own tips.

Mac OS X Apps - This site began with the release of the Mac OS X Public Beta and has been growing considerably ever since. The site is in a 'blog' (Weblog) format and is 100% user-contributed content.

Visit the The Apple Online Museum - The Apple Online Museum is dedicated to the history of Apple Computer, Inc. It is a comprehensive database of historical facts and information on the company and their products. Be sure to check out the "links" page. logo Focus on Mac Support - Even Mac veterans can learn a thing or two from Dave Merten and Shari Shroeder, who oversee this comprehensive Mac support page. If you're looking for Mac OS, ColorSync or Sherlock support, it's here, as is help for your modem, printer or a specific Mac model. You can also view a variety of Apple support manuals (using Adobe Acrobat). Other resources include iMac updates, a specs database, memory installation guides and virus information. Basically, if it's about a Mac, this is the place to go.

Apple logo Applecare Tech Info Library - Sometimes when you're having computer problems (yes, even Macs have a few now and then), it's best to seek help right from the source. For Macintosh users that means going to the Apple Tech Info Library, or TIL. Here resides the collected Mac wisdom of untold generations, (well, 10 or 15 years, at least). Updated daily, the TIL contains more than 14,000 articles, with information on products, technical specificatioins and troubleshooting. Search for specific topics using Apple's search engine, or browse through the various product areas to see what is new and useful. - Got bombs! (I hope not, and sooner or later you will). MacFixIt can help you diffuse them. MacFixIt logo With all the resources here, it's likely you will find a solution for your Mac problem. Start by checking Reports for a long list of troubleshooting guides for Mac hardware and software. The Download Library posts dozens of related freeware and software. You may want to browse Forums, which includes thousands of questions and answers covering all aspects of the Macintosh. Don't know where to begin? Use their custom search engine.


The Ultimate Macintosh - When a site boasts that it's "the biggest, ugliest, and most useful Macintosh page on the Web," it certainly gets your attention. More important, it had better fulfill its promise. After spending a few minutes exploring The Ultimate Macintosh, you'll probably come to a number of conclusions. This site is big, it's useful, and yes, it's sort of ugly. But what is most apparent is the sheer volume of information that's available to Mac users. Check "Daily Diffs" to see what's new at this extensive site. Macintosh - Sure, there are plenty of Mac troubleshooting guides, reports, archives, how-tos, FAQs and other support resources on the Web. allexperts logo But sometimes, you need human help. is a free service with more than a dozen volunteer Mac experts (the main site has more than 4,000 volunteer experts). E-mail one of them an explanation of your Mac problem. The volunteer will reply promptly with a detailed solution.

Version Tracker Online - Many Mac problems are caused by software conflicts. Therefore, the best solution sometimes is to upgrade your software to the current version. How do you know a new version is available? versiontracker logo Check out this site. New solftware updates are posted every day, including those for commercial, shareware and freeware programs. If you see an update you want, just click on the version number, and you will be shisked away to the appropriate download page. It's a good idea to make a note to check this site at least once each month.

If you want extreme support for your Mac, you must visit the Arizona Macintosh Users Group. WoW! What a site! AMUG logo Its purpose is to provide education and assistance to its members in the use of Computers and related products. As a member, you will not only gain access to software discounts, member specials on Apple Computers, and 20% discounts on books, but you will be helping AMUG support their website and their organization. If you live in the Phoenix area, visit the AMUG Resource Center, 4131 North 24th Street, Suite A-120. Call: 602-840-1726.

Mac Directory logoYou won't believe how many Mac resources are available on this website! How about over 1.2 million. You'll find downloads, a Mac dictionary, news, reviews, software (over 14,000 Mac titles), seminars, user groups, Mac shareware and freeware and a terrific link to more Mac sites. Visit the Mac Directory.

Apple SmileApple Computer has relaunched its small business Web site, and it reflects the company's focus on design elegance and power in computing. The site celebrates entrepreneurs and those who dare to "Think Different" -- including musician/entrepreneur Graham Nash. You'll find hotlinks to Apple information, product solutions, and success stories of companies using technology in innovative ways. While primarily designed for Macintosh-based entrepreneurs, there's interesting content here for small businesses of all types, no matter what computing religion you follow. features hundreds of links of interest to Mac users; the latest Mac news, OS and software upgrades, iMac info, special reports, product reviews, reader reports, resources and much more.

You must visit the Macintosh News Network; a subject oriented resource guide. Think of a Mac topic and you will find it here. I'm very impressed with this site. Check it out.

Here is another amazing Mac site. The Apple Insider will blow you away with the latest "insider" info; stuff you don't find in the newspaper (or anywhere else for that matter). Daily reports and reviews are posted revealing what Apple is up to. You will find the latest Mac surprises at this site. You will definitely want to bookmark this site.

1984 Mac Online - This site, whose name commemorates the year the Mac was introduced, has infor on basics, troubleshooting, peripherals, and features an awe-inspiring links page. 1984 Online is the Net's first portal aimed at Macintosh users. It has news, software, updates and links to Mac-related sites. Lots of shareware files to download, including files for audio/video, games, graphics, Internet, system, utilities and updates.

Top 25 iMac Sites - iMac fans unite! This site is for you!

Mac Security Site - This is site devoted to Mac OS security and Mac OS X Security! Also Mac virus info.

Here are a couple of helpful eZINES you can subscribe to for Mac news. . .

Apple eNews - A free electronic newsletter from Apple published every other week.

Mac News Wire - Caution: Be sure to sign up for digest version or you will receive many e-mails a day. Here you will also find lots of Mac articles and Mac links.

Macintosh Evangelism and Advocacy - More substantiated facts about the Apple Macintosh than... well, anywhere? Well, at least a bunch. If you need Mac graphics, like buttons, banners, etc., you'll find them here. A great site.

TidBits LogoTidBits - A free e-mail and Web publication covering the Macintosh Internet community.

Apple History - One of the best places to find Mac info. There's a seven page history of Apple that chronicles the company from the beginning. - Loads of freeware, shareware, demos and software for Mac users only.

Apple History - Editorials, the latest Mac news, special Mac events and more. This site has won numerous awards.

Larry's Favorite Mac Magazine - Mac Addict. You gotta check this site. I also subscribe to the magazine which also comes with a new CD each month filled with all kinds of Mac goodies!

macAddict logo

Another great Mac Magazine - Macworld. Lots of great Mac info. One section reviews the newest available Mac software each month.

Mac Logo

Follow the links to more great Internet info!

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Larry James is proud to be a member of the Arizona Mac Users Group!

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